Immunofluorescence staining - anti-TGM2 antibody ABCD_AI748 on both A549 WT and TGM2 KO cells.

A549 WT and TGM2 KO cells were labelled with a green or a far-red fluorescent dye, respectively. WT and KO cells were mixed and plated to a 1:1 ratio in a 96-well plate with optically clear flat-bottom. Cells were stained with the ABCD_AI748 anti-TGM2 antibody and with the corresponding Alexa-fluor 555 coupled secondary antibody including DAPI. Acquisition of the blue (nucleus-DAPI), green (identification of WT cells), red (antibody staining) and far-red (identification of KO cells) channels was performed. Representative images of the blue and red (grayscale) channels are shown. WT and KO cells are outlined with green and magenta dashed line, respectively. Antibody dilution used: ABCD_AI748** at 1/1000. Bars = 10 μm.

Image from DOI:10.5281/zenodo.10819347