📣 Epitope tag alert !

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Which antibody should you use to detect your favorite epitope tag ?

🔬 A new study from the University of Geneva gives us the answer.

They conducted a side-by-side quantitative comparison of antibodies against several popular epitope tags (HA, FLAG®, myc, 6xHis...) for immunofluorescence detection.

The results are clear:

✅ The study identified the best antibody for each epitope: 

•  The anti-HA tag antibody ABCD_AF291
•  The anti-DYKDDDDK tag antibody ABCD_TA001 (binds to FLAG® tag sequence)
•  The anti-6xHis tag antibody ABCD_AV248

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Read the complete study here: A quantitative comparison of antibodies against epitope tags for immunofluorescence detection

*FLAG® is a trademark from SIGMA

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