Single-Domain Antibodies 2023 Meeting - Institut Pasteur

Single-Domain Antibodies 2023 Meeting - Institut Pasteur
ABCD Antibodies was proud to present the #ABCDdatabase at the Single-Domain Antibodies 2023 Meeting held at Institut Pasteur in Paris.

Our unique database has an important mission: Identifying antibodies through their sequences. It is the only way to guarantee that you are using the same reagent. ABCD actually stands for AntiBodies Chemically Defined 🔍

The #ABCDdatabase is the cornerstone of the #ABCDinitiative, a multi-platform strategy that was born at the Université de Genève to promote the widespread use of #recombinant #antibodies in research.

🙌 Thank you to the organizers pierre Lafaye , Franck Perez , Sandrine Moutel for this great meeting and for giving us the opportunity to talk about our initiative and database during an interesting roundtable.