ABCD antibodies & Animal Ethics

Recombinant antibodies, animal-free reagents in line with the 3Rs principle.

The 3Rs principle (Replace, Reduce and Refine) is a set of guidelines for the scientific community that aim at:

- replacing animal experiments when possible

- using fewer animals in research

- refining protocols to ensure and enhance animal well-being.

At ABCD Antibodies, we believe that transitioning to recombinant antibodies is a practical and effective way to replace animals with a superior alternativeThe transition to recombinant antibodies is strongly supported by multiple 3Rs competence centers (3RCC, NC3Rs, FC3R...) as well as several animal welfare associations (LSCV, PETA...).

At ABCD Antibodies, we produce all our antibodies in vitro using Human HEK293 suspension cells that we grow in serum-free medium. This means that our products are 100% animal-free.

ABCD Antibodies also promotes the systematic sequencing of hybridomas used to produce monoclonal antibodies through animal immunization. Sequencing is the only way to chemically identify these antibodies and avoid their potential loss.

If you are a fellow researcher that would like to licence your antibody sequence, please contact us